👋🏽 About

My name is pronounced Meg - na Khan - dey - kar. My pronouns are she / her.

Optimistic research and design operator & leader with a deep commitment to creating access, opportunity & community. I enjoy cultivating people & learning centered cultures that enable teams to hold a high bar for customer experience, design quality and collaboration. I specialize in inclusive change management approaches, systems thinking, and privacy, security & identity domains.

🛠️ Design

  • Interaction design
  • Qualitative research
  • Service design & systems thinking
  • Research & design operations
  • Environments that are highly regulated, privacy, security or policy focused, multi-stakeholder or multi-user

⚡ Leadership

  • People management & mentorship — helping designers & design leaders reflect, grow & shape career paths
  • Individual & team experience — hiring, engagement, learning & development, retention
  • Cross-functional leadership — building trusting relationships that lead to great team & product outcomes
  • Change management — diagnosing what’s causing stress & inclusively implementing solutions

Practices I commit to bringing to teams

🪴 Keep people at the center

I believe people who can be well in their life and work at a sustainable pace create a great workplace. I also believe that inclusive and compassionate relationships and team environments lead to thoughtful, human-centered products and long-lasting businesses. I aim to create these environments in the spaces I'm in.

📖 Build trust through open communication

I aim to work in transparent ways that are sensitive to diverse forms of communicating and collaborating. This includes speaking honestly about what I know, what I don’t know, what’s working, and what isn’t. I believe that when we avoid talking about a challenge, the risk of not addressing it is even higher. I’m well versed in getting a team aligned on a common challenge and encouraging healthy discussion that inspires an adjusted collective understanding and a way forward.

🎒 Encourage a learning-centered culture

Finding the gaps, feedback, collaboration across disciplines, asking questions, gaining a new perspective, committing to improving — all directly lead to product quality and life quality. Great teams prioritize time for reflection, understanding each other, and learning from their experiences. With these ingredients, a team can achieve incredible results.

🌱 Grow beyond my comfort zone

🌏  India → Saudi Arabia → England → Utah → U.S.