Career snapshot & an evolving set of practices I bring to my work.

👋🏽  Hi!

My name is pronounced Meg-na Khan-dey-kar. My pronouns are she / her.

I have 15 years of research and design experience working with startups of various stages, design studios, non-profits, federal and state government agencies and international organizations. These years, I've had the great privilege of leading research and design teams, and coaching and mentoring individual contributors, design leads and managers. I enjoy establishing teams and growing a people-centered and learning-centered culture where folks are empowered to ship elegant and clear solutions to complex problems, consistently and flexibly.

🛠️  Teams are best served when these strengths are used

  • Design leadership
  • Product strategy
  • Research & design operations
  • Team & organizational design
  • Individual & team experience (hiring, engagement, retention)
  • Service design & systems thinking
  • Interaction design
  • Qualitative research
  • Open source
  • Remote & hybrid teams

⚡  Experiences that have helped me gain perspective

  • Highly regulated industries
  • Privacy & security focused products
  • Zero to one product development
  • Multi-stakeholder & multi-user product environments
  • Uncovering and identifying latent user needs & opportunities for business growth
  • Being a solo researcher & designer ~and~ leading large cross-functional teams
  • Living across 5 countries & dozens of cities throughout my life
  • Cultivating a painting practice

I prioritize working with teams that are creating & increasing access, opportunity and community — within their organization and through their products.


Since 2021, I've served as Head of Product Design for Rally, an early stage product at Mozilla.


I led research & design teams to improve the user experience of enterprise & people-facing government services with brilliant teammates at Nava PBC & 18F, including:

  • Building login.gov, one account for government, from 0 → 1 → 30M users
  • Redesigning the journey to receive critical government benefits
  • Improving Californians' user experience of applying for unemployment benefits
  • Modernizing Veterans' Affairs business processes to support Veterans
  • Modernizing how Medicare process payments
  • Research to establish diversity, equity and inclusion priorities
  • See full experience on LinkedIn →

Outside of work, I'm proud to have...

🌏  India → Saudi Arabia → England → Utah → New York → Washington DC → California → 📍 Texas

Practices I commit to bringing to teams

🪴  Keep people at the center

I believe people who are able to be well in their life and work at a sustainable pace create a great workplace. I also believe that inclusive and compassionate relationships and team environments lead to thoughtful, human-centered products and long lasting businesses. I aim to model and advocate creating these environments in the spaces I'm in.

📖   Build trust through open communication

I aim to work in transparent ways that are sensitive to diverse ways of communicating and collaborating. This includes speaking honestly about what I know, what I don’t know, what’s working and what isn’t. I believe that when we avoid speaking about a challenge, the risk of not addressing it is even higher. I’m well versed in getting a team aligned on a common challenge and encouraging healthy discussion that inspires an adjusted collective understanding and a way forward.

🎒  Encourage a learning-centered culture

Finding the gaps, feedback, collaboration across disciplines, asking questions, gaining new perspective, committing to improving — all directly lead to product quality and life quality. Great teams prioritize time for reflection, understanding each other and learning from their experiences. With these ingredients, a team can achieve incredible results.

🌱  Grow beyond my comfort zone