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🪴 Leading people, teams & operations

As a research, design and operations leader, I support and manage content designers, researchers, product designers and managers to achieve product, organizational and career goals. I enable teams to orchestrate sustainable change and growth related to hiring, engagement and retention.

🔐 Building, one account for government

From 2016 to 2018, I led research and interaction design for, U.S. public’s one account for government. My team built it from concept to launch. It's used by 40M+ people using services from 40+ federal & state government agencies. A career highlight!

⚡ Defining and growing products through research & experimentation

⚡ Defining and growing products through research & experimentation

I take pride in taking a methodical and flexible approach to enabling research, experimentation, service design and facilitation to uncover latent user needs and grow the product & business. I've led large cross-functional teams that have shipped products that serve 200M+ users and brought in $50M+ revenue.