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🪴 Leading people, teams & operations

As a design and operations leader, I enable cross-functional teams to orchestrate change and growth sustainably, support content designers, researchers and product designers to achieve product, organizational and career goals, and lead hiring, engagement and retention initiatives.

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  • Managing people & teams
  • Creating learning, development & internal mobility programs
  • Hiring, engagement and retention for new & growing organizations 
  • Scaling people management practices
  • Growing the design team from 6 to 40 while fostering team culture
  • A deep-dive into one program's research & design operations 🚀 

🔐 Building, one account for government

Senior Researcher & Designer on a team of 25. My team built, U.S. public’s one account for government, from concept to launch to scaling it further. It's now used by 30M people to access 200 services spanning more than 30 federal and state government agencies. A career highlight!

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  • Research and prototyping to identify's initial product strategy
  • Building’s user experience from 0 to 1

⚡ Growing products through research & experimentation

⚡ Growing products through research & experimentation

Research (of all kinds!), experimentation and facilitating discussions across stakeholder groups can lead to incredible opportunities to uncover latent user needs and growing the product or business in anticipated or unexpected ways. I've led teams that have shipped products that serve 200M+ users and brought in $50M+ revenue for organizations — and take pride in taking a methodical approach to allowing research and experimentation to pave the way for future growth.

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  • Improving Californians' user experience of applying for unemployment benefits
  • Modernizing how Medicare pays doctors
  • Developing Rally's vision, product priorities & hypothesis-driven culture

🤹🏽 Redesigning the journey to receive critical government benefits

Researcher on a large-scale nation-wide initiative that investigated the current experience of government benefits ($1.7B in government spending) which led to a suite of related initiatives across the country — including improving the experience of applying for Medicaid in Vermont, a project for which I was the Research & Design Lead.

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  • Investigating the current experience of public benefits across the U.S.
  • Designing an all-in-one government benefits application for Vermonters, starting with Medicaid

🎖️ Modernizing Veterans' Affairs business processes to support Veterans

Research & Design Lead across several projects that built consumer & enterprise applications to support Veterans, caregivers & staff.

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  • Transforming & its content management system
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