🪴 Leading people, teams & operations


As a design and operations leader, I enable cross-functional teams to orchestrate change and growth sustainably, support content designers, researchers and product designers to achieve product, organizational and career goals, and lead hiring, engagement and retention initiatives.

Managing & coaching people and teams

When I manage people, my number one priority is to provide a brave and generative space for the people I support. I aim to be a source of professional support and multiplier of positive impacts for the organization. I empower and coach others to identify and lead initiatives that serve a balance of their professional goals, and business and team goals. I manage researchers, designers and content strategists at varying levels of seniority.

When I lead teams, I collaborate with other Leads (product, engineering, marketing and more) to define a clear vision, goals and metrics, actionable scope and priorities, effective operations, healthy team environment, and appropriate staff to do the work. I’m accountable for the quality of products the team is shipping, and responsible for coaching individual contributors and design leads on communication, leadership and technical skills so that they are empowered to confidently lead their team.

Meghana created an environment where I have autonomy over defining and pursuing my goals. She helps me refine those goals and activities through thoughtful questioning, and she supports my growth by helping me recognize opportunities that may help me achieve those goals. She’s helped me think about things from a zoomed-out perspective, so that I can also take on the things I want to do in addition to product delivery work. — Direct report

Operations as human-centered design for the team

I help teams get prepared for and thrive during times of change and growth, through listening, coalition building and effective operations. I believe that outcomes of strong operations are one way to achieve psychological safety, high trust and excellence within an organization.

Initiatives that are often part of design operations

I'm drawn to the intersection of, and interdependencies between, research & design discipline, team culture and organizational development. My experience includes operations for research, design, the team, hiring & retention and people management.

I approach operations like human-centered design for the team. When the team is clear on how to operate within the organization, it means the signals and systems are working and appropriate for the stage of growth its in. When they are not clear — or when I anticipate a growing organization or upcoming change will present the need for more clarity — I prioritize listening broadly and well, so that I can address resolving the challenges proactively, inclusively, transparently, using appropriate methods & frameworks that others may leverage.

I am impressed and grateful for your ability to our team accountable to "the world as it ought to be" while also being pragmatic and thoughtful about how we can respond and execute optimally in "the world as it is." — Product manager
Meghana has sought out my input many times regarding design team initiatives and design activities. She values my perspective and feedback. Meghana is not my design lead or people manager, which makes her efforts especially meaningful: She goes the extra mile to help me feel heard. You are a role model for the type of leader I strive to be. Thank you! — Designer / Researcher